Medical Convoys

Medical convoys are one of the most important means of facilitating access to Health services for the vulnerable rural population, as these convoys enabled the beneficiaries to diagnose their cases and provide them with appropriate treatment, while ensuring that the most difficult cases are directed towards the competent health facilities. The convoys covered several specialties such as cardiovascular medicine, digestive medicine, ophthalmology, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, orthopedics and joints, respiratory medicine, urology, …

Do something that pushes your boundaries, something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Take a calculated risk and allow yourself to crumble a little.

Poor and vulnerable groups in rural areas

More than 5,000 beneficiaries

Asa Zack

2015 – 2016

180.000,00 MAD/ 21.177,00 USD

– Sakhaa Services Company
– Qatar Charity

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