President's word

Basma Foundation for Social Development is proud to present the outcome of the 2015-2016 phase, which embodies its approach based on developing the institutional construction of associations and improving the capabilities of workers in the charitable and development sector.

This book represents a summary of development projects covering various urban and rural areas of the Kingdom of Morocco.  In particular, Basma has focused on the most fragile areas, which have a big lack of decent living conditions . In this regard, our organization’s projects have concerned various social sectors, such as health, education, training, improving family income, and relief for the afflicted and refugees.

Basma Foundation is very pleased to be working  in cooperation with reputable institutions at the national and international levels. Our partners contributed in an important way to  the success of our intervention strategy that has achieved important results for the benefit of poor and needy groups.

On behalf of the Foundation and  in the name of thousands of beneficiaries of the projects and services we provide, we renew our thanks and appreciation to our partners and express our readiness to develop these partnerships and enrich them with new collaborations.

Finally, we must emphasize the continuation of our institution in the path of rational management based on clarity, transparency, seriousness and giving in order to bring joy to every needy person and to achieve the renaissance of our country.

Mr. Noureddine Ben Sabih Imrany

The president of Basma Foundation for Social Development


About Basma Foundation for Social Development

Basma Foundation for Social Development is an independent Moroccan non-governmental organization with a national extension, interested in social development. It was founded in Rabat on the 13th of Shawwal 1422 AH corresponding to December 29, 2001 AD.

With your support, sustainable development can be achieved

Become a pioneering organization in social development and a builder of professional associative fabric

Serving multiple social groups including: Poor families, women and children, unemployed youth, orphans, and people with special needs.

  • Sustainable social development.
  • Capacity Building.
  • Participatory democracy.
  • Establish a framework for collaboration, solidarity and experiences exchange with various associations, institutions and bodies in the field of social development.
  • Encourage, support and coordinate the different initiatives and individual/ collective efforts taken to achieve the social development.
  • Contribute to building capacity of civil society associations working in the social area.
  • Contribute to providing funding for social projects.
  • Contribute to improving social conditions for needy groups in cooperation with other actors pursuing the same goals.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with national and international institutions and organizations.
  • Contribute to elaborating, operationalizing, implementing and evaluating public policies within the framework of participatory democracy in accordance with the constitutional requirements.
  • Provide support for categories and bodies working in the field of persons with disabilities, elder care and migrants protection.
  • Honesty. 
  • Transparency.
  • Responsibility.
  • Partnership.
  • Cooperation and solidarity.