Youth training project in beekeeping techniques

Within the framework of the Al-Shifae project for the production of natural honey and in partnership with the agricultural institutes of the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing in various regions, a series of training sessions were organized for a group of young people from the rural world in the fields of beekeeping and honey and its derivatives production techniques.

Do something that pushes your boundaries, something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Take a calculated risk and allow yourself to crumble a little.

A group of unemployed youth

60 beneficiaries

– Beni Mellal- Khenifra Region
– Rabat-Salé Kenitra Region

The Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing covered all training fees for a month and a half, including food and accommodation.

– Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing
– The Agricultural Technical Institute, Tiflet
– The Agricultural Technical Institute, Fkih Ben Salah
– The Royal Agricultural Institute of Kenitra

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